Mobile Battleground Blitz Guide and Strategy Platform

    Moba Gameplay

    mobilebattlegrounds-guide After entering the game, there is a guide Show you how the things work like basic operations in the game along with bots just like we see in the mobile legends and other mobile moba games.You can name your character and join the fight.Moreover, the battles in Mobile Battleground – Blitz takes place in the form of 3 vs. 3 not like 5 vs 5 battlles and rules are different The most different and special thing is in Mobile Battleground game there is no such things like farming jungling pushing or taking down towers.Usually it takes 3-5 minutes to finish the game but when they add more features and in the ranked game it could be higher.In fact game aims fast ending battles so the users can play anytime in anywhere.All you need to do is a phone and little battery with a moderate speed connection There are bushes also in this game like other moba games you can hide from the enemy and sneak around and in addition to that there are obstacles like kurşun geçirmez but you can break them by shooting continuosly There is only one lane in this game not 3 so the fight goes much closer and intense.

    Game Modes

    mobilebattlegrounds-guide Energy Crystals mode: There are cube shaped crystals that appears periodically at the center of the map in an circle area.Players have to take place in that area in order to collect these crystalls.If you get killed by someone and lets say you got some crystalls , these crystalls will dropped back and can be collected by both sides.When one side has enough crstalls (for now limited to 10) 15 s coountdown starts and If the team can protect the crystalls that they have until the countdown ends they will win the match Ancient Idol Mode:There is a huge live statue that shoots to through your base and there is a area around him that you msut conquer to have that statue by your side so it can shoot through the enemy base.All you have to do start in the statue’s circle and defend it like a base. Ranked Mode It is still under construction because it says you must have 10 champion but for now there are 8 champions and some of them very expensive.So i think it will be more fun when they make the mode available.

    Connection Issue

    mobilebattlegrounds-guide Servers are not ready yet thats why when you join the game from different countries high pings are very normal but it is still playable Tactics and Strategy It takes 4 minutes to finish game but still requiers strategy and thinking and also your aiming ability important.You need to take right position suitable for your hero role that is also improtant.When you are about to die and you have many crystalls lets say you shouldt be close to the enemy because when you die they can collect your crystalls.Higher the elo higher the use of strategy and tactic and experience There are 3 types of hero for now.Assault,sniper and defender each hero have their own ability and passive skills can be improved by leveling up and each hero have different gamplay style so you should be careful.With the right team composition you can win easily.

    Graphics and Gameplay

    mobilebattlegrounds-guide It is good for such a game in beta and actually it is better than some other games but still need improvement.Controls are very smooth so you can control your character easily except lagging issue.You can lower and higher the quality in case of anyt problem How to Download and Process The game still in the beta server but already got lots of users over the World so stay tüne fort he updates about game.By visiting this website you get info about newest updates.Android users can dwonload from the link i will give you down below but ios users should wait to play unfortunately.


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